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Five Broad New Ideas to Cut Through the Access to Justice-Commercialization-Deregulation Conundrum

(With David Udell)


The Access to Justice "Sorting Hat" -- Towards a System of Triage and Intake that Maximizes Access and Outcomes, 89 Denv. U. L. Rev. 859 (2012)

Judicature Article:  Turner v. Rogers: The Implications for Access to Justice Strategies

NCSC Court Trends Article: Turner v. Rogers: Improving Due Process for the Self-Represented

MIE Article: The Relationship of the Right to Counsel and Self-Represented Litigant Movements

The Sustainable 21st Century Law Library:
Vision, Deployment and Assessment for Access to Justice

Judges Journal Articles: 
A NEW DAY FOR JUDGES AND THE SELF-REPRESENTED: The Implications of Turner v. Rogers

Toward Best Practices in Complex Self-Represented Cases

Winter 2011 Management Information Exchange Journal Article on the Emerging Concnesus and its Implications for Legal Aid

Jan-Feb 2011 Judicature article, Access to Justice:  The  Emerging Consensus and Some Questions and Implications

Winter 2010 Judges Journal article, Courts in the 21st Century The Access To Justice Transformation,
  Self-Represented Cases 15 Techniques for Saving Time in Tough Times,
written with co-authors Judge Mark A. Juhas, Judge Maureen McKnight, and Associate Justice Laurie D. Zelon

2010 Court Trends Article on Public Libraries and Access to Justice

Article, Access to Justice: Economic Crisis Challenges, Impacts and Responses, Court Trends (2009)

2008 Article (with Frank Broccolina) in Judicature on Ensuring Access to Justice in Tough Economic Times

Article, New Curriculum Helps Improve Access for the Self-Represented, Court Trends (2008)

Article, Spreading and Adopting Best Practices for Court Based Programs for the Self-Represented,
Court Trends (2007)

Article (With Donald Horowitz), on the Access to Justice Technology Principles  (Justice System Journal)

Court Trends article on Trends in Self Represented Litigation 2006

Civil Legal Assistance for All Americans,
The Report of the Harvard Law School Bellow-Sacks Project on the Future of Access to Civil Legal Services
Cover (Large File), Table of Contents, Text Body

Report from the 2005 Summit on Self Represented Litigation

 2004 Judicial Ethics Article in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics

Thoughts on the Access to Justice Technology Bill of Rights, Published in the Washington Law Review

 Making an International Case -- Richard's Summer 2003 article in the LSC Magazine, Equal Justice, on what can be learned from non-US Legal Aid

Judges' Journal Article on Judicial Techniques in Cases Involving Self-Represented Litigants by Albrecht, Greacen, Hough and Zorza.

Richard's Book on the Self Help Friendly Court Published by the National Center for State Courts (300K in pdf).

Important Resource: Reprint from Domestic Violence Report on DV in the Military

 Evaluation of Access to Justice Innovation: Six Key Questions

 The UCCJEA: What Is It and How Does It Affect Battered Women in Child-Custody Disputes

 Batterer Manipulation and Retaliation: Denial and Complicity in the Family Courts

 What Is Wrong With Mutual Orders of Protection

The Emerging Tech Challenge to the Legal Profession - From May-June 2001 Judicature

The Potential and Integration of Technology into a Multi-Faceted Collaborative Self-Help Strategy

 Recomendations for the Role of the American Bar Association in Addressing the Digital Divide

Script for Panel Discussion on Pro Se in The Courts Prepared by John Greacen

Presentation from December 2000 NLADA on Ideas for Next Generation of Tech Grants

Unbundled Legal Services by Forrest S. Mosten and Lee Borden

A Comprehensive Internet-Empowered Plan for Legal Information Access for Poor and Middle Income People,
and for the Organizations that Advocate for them:  The Open Society-Chicago Kent College of Law Consultancy Reports

Re-Conceptualizing the Relationship Between Legal Ethics and Technological Innovation in Legal Practice: From Threat to Opportunity (Fordham Law Review; 1999)

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